There are 400,000 emergency service workers across Australia, 250,000 of those are volunteers.

Let's face it - emergency services see what others don't!

But oftentimes they are expected to just “deal with it”. Maybe some can, but a lot of young minds – those starting out- and even the ones that have been at it for years – need practical guidance in dealing with some of the horrors they come across.

These memories, if left unchecked, can develop into a variety of post traumatic issues – or in worse cases cause severe emotional breakdowns that are not only debilitating for our front line heroes, but everyone around them – their mates and their families.

An alarming number of emergency services personnel suffer from depression, PTSD and other behavioural health issues.These issues can affect work, family and a capacity to live a happy and healthy life.

Research has shown that early intervention and informed support networks will not only assist with a more effective recovery process, but may also reduce the severity of stress symptoms.

Behind The Seen has been designed specifically for ALL emergency services personnel, including Police, Fire Brigades, Ambulance, SES and VRA.

It is a down to earth approach that takes the term “pre-planning” beyond the requirements of the job, to the people on the frontline who carry out the job.

Ross Beckley has 20 years of front line emergency service experience and knows what it’s like to witness repeated traumatic incidents, and deal with the consequences on personal and family well being. Join him for one of the practical, down to earth Behind The Seen sessions that will help active minds prepare for and manage the unusual stresses of our chosen occupations.