There are 400,000 emergency services workers across Australia

Let's face it - emergency services see what others don't!

There are 400,000 emergency services workers across Australia, including 200,000 volunteers. Current statistics indicate 1 in 10 will experience symptoms of post traumatic stress related to critical incidents.

Research has shown that early intervention and informed support networks may reduce the severity of stress symptoms and aid recovery.

In late 2018 Australian mental health organisation Beyond Blue released a report on its large-scale study of mental health and well being in police and emergency services. They found that:

51 % experienced traumatic events which “affected them deeply”
21 % have high psychological distress- that’s 13% higher than the general population
39 % were diagnosed with a mental health condition by a mental health professional at some point in their life
The risk for psychological distress and PTSD increased with length of service

Answering the call: Beyond Blue’s National Mental Health and Wellbeing Study of Police and Emergency Services. Full report available at: