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“I just made out I was okay. That’s what blokes do isn’t it? Just tough it out. Yeah we had a debrief afterwards, but none of the others seemed to have a problem and I didn’t want to seem weak. Weeks later, I was still having nightmares but I thought that was normal and they would just go away.”

“He changed, seemed frustrated with everything. A few of us asked what was wrong. He said he was okay, just some hassles with the wife. None of us ever thought to ask a few more questions to get him to open up. We couldn’t understand why he resigned. Found out later he’d had flashbacks, problems sleeping and was diagnosed with severe depression.”

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Behind The Seen is a project developed from a lived experience perspective to raise awareness of the unique lifestyle and incident stresses
experienced by frontline emergency service providers and their families.

It's OK to not be OK!

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